Selle Impact Consulting is a corporate trainer & organizational strategist that creates alignment solutions through values & purpose

Led by strategist and natural products educator Holly Bellebuono, our corporate trainings strengthen executive teams, company leaders, nonprofit boards, and boots-on-the-ground team members. We work with companies (especially in the health, wellness, organic and natural industries) as well as environmental, social and health nonprofits.

Work with us for unforgettable and transformative retreats, workshops, lectures, and executive sessions.

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Bold Training Is Key

To truly engage and motive your stakeholders, you must identify and develop authentic values, story, and purpose so that your company becomes a beacon for top talent and your team unites.

We facilitate the curriculum, workshops, retreats, and strategic planning for your ongoing values and purpose investment in your team, board, and company.

Keynotes and Workshops

Our packages meet the immediate and ongoing needs of your nonprofit, team, company, and board.
lectures and workshops, team building
Your team needs structure!

Core values & purpose are the foundation of strategy and decision-making:

In my 30+ years leading natural product businesses, nonprofits, workshops and business retreats, I’ve discovered that many brand founders and owners often take core company values for granted. 

They assume that their values will permeate through the company and will automatically be adopted by their team members. They think their values will suffuse throughout their marketing materials so that customers simply ‚Äúintuit‚ÄĚ what they stand for.

Tragically, this is not the case.

It takes dedicated effort to bring all your team on board with strong, bold, resonant company values, and it takes even more to identify and implement a company-wide strategy and a meaningful purpose that impacts the world.

Well-organized and engaging corporate training in core values and mission or purpose is pivotal. I deliver strong training sessions that build foundations for company strength, devoted employees, and aligned customers. 

--Holly Bellebuono, Selle Impact Consulting

  • Reduce turnover: More than 90% of employees value greater meaning at work
  • Improve your company's reputation: 72% of adults agree that companies should be mission-driven
  • Realize a competitive advantage:¬†Purposeful companies financially outperform the market by 42%
  • Be a force for good. 65% believe a company's primary purpose should include "making the world better"
  • Listen to your customers. 74% of customers believe companies can and should take action

We help you build the structure and strategy you need through core values and environmental & social purpose

But identifying your values and mission is only 20% of the work --

You must also implement an effective, actionable purpose-and-values-driven strategy throughout all of your company’s departments that is embraced by everyone on your team.

We can help build this long-term transformation.

Build Trust and Alignment with Selle Impact Consulting

Grow your team with strategic core values & purpose

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Employees want to be part of a business that is generous and has a heart-felt stake in something larger than itself.

Incentive to be included in a deeper purpose is the 2nd-most important factor to GenZ & Millennials in pursuing a new job.

Selle Impact Consulting training can help your team...

  • improve¬†morale
  • feel¬†immense loyalty and pride
  • display greater productivity
  • feel¬†a sense of identity and belonging
  • know your company‚Äôs core purpose
  • believe¬†each member plays an essential part
  • iss utterly aligned with deep clarity & focus
  • believes in the work you are doing 1000%
  • inspire these feelings in every communication with¬†your customers
team building and corporate social responsibility

Bold meaningful values & purpose are the cornerstones of company longevity.

  • decision-making at all levels is clear and straightforward
  • employee turnover decreases--Microsoft‚Äôs 2024 study shows 46% of professionals want to quit
  • save on rehiring costs (it¬†can cost $20 - $60K per¬†rehire)
  • company culture and decision-making¬†strengthen with bold values
  • departments feel connected and inspired
  • customers see the value in the brand and support it (72% of adults believe a brand should¬†serve a mission)

Who We Help 

corporate social responsibility


Holly specializes in supporting businesses especially in the health & wellness and natural & organic industries, including botanical, chocolate, coffee/tea, skincare & cosmetics, soap, textiles, babycare, honey, salt, food and beverage, and more.

nonprofit purpose and team building

Nonprofits & Boards

Holly's years of experience working with nonprofit programming, boards of directors, partners and community stakeholders guides our work with your purpose-driven organization.

corporate team building

Leaders & Teams

We support your executives on their path to CSR, DEIB, and sustainability leadership. Galvanize your team and board to make values and purpose a core part of your company's structure, story, strategy, and governance.

Transformational Sessions for Executives & Your Whole Team

We specialize in transformational LIVE in-person or online facilitated team trainings, workshops & retreats

  • LIVE workshops
  • LIVE retreats
  • 1/2 day or Full Day options
  • In-person or Virtual
  • Keynote lectures
  • Professional development¬†curriculum for at-your-own-pace learning
  • Engaging & impactful
  • Strategy, brainstorming, and planning
  • Fully customizable

We'll deliver the following impact trainings or customize an event specific to your needs:

Team Unity & Company Culture: The Essential Core Value Workshop

(1 or 2 half-day sessions)

Bring management, your board, and/or entire teams together to identify your most important core values--the ones you want to be the foundation of employee decision-making, building trust, transparency, and commitment together. 

Our signature SILHOUET framework inspires and lays a practical groundwork for implementing these values throughout your company, daily, so your team, leaders and/or board is motivated and has the resources to bring the values to life.

Our events are curated to be safe, inspiring, inclusive and impactful for ongoing, long-term team-building. Our workshops complement DEI, ESG, CSR, women-empowering, and DiSC trainings.

Work with Holly

Part 1: Modeling Purpose: Inspiration from Around the World

(1 half-day session or keynote lecture)

Get inspired with actual case studies of companies that make business a force for good. We share the galvanizing lessons learned by natural product, women-owned, and catalyst companies that are changing the face of business-as-usual.

We will explore these in the context of your own team and company ambitions, strategizing how you can consider claiming a purpose that is unique, relevant, achievable, and motivating for your team.

This introductory workshop will set the tone and structure for your next steps toward identifying and implementing purpose throughout your company. It is Part 1; implementation is Part 2 (see next section).

Work with Holly

Part 2: Purpose Implementation for Driven Companies

(2 half-day sessions)

Once your team has the basic concepts of how you want to change the world (and you've identified a purpose, see Modeling Purpose Workshop), this strategy series will guide your leaders through the practical steps of implementing your purpose goals.

Bringing together your top team, leaders or boardwe will identify the formal processes your company will take to claim ownership of your purpose and systems you'll implement to make the words reality. This program is useful for HR, product development, marketing, admin, board directors, and creativity and vision leaders, 

Work with Holly

Share Your (Compelling) Story: Master the Skill of Story for Transparency & Accountability

(1 or 2 half-day sessions)

If your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders don't know your story, they're unlikely to trust you. They want to know where you come from and what you stand for.

Developing your core values and identifying and implementing purpose into your company's framework is actionable and right. Now, it's time to share your story so that your customers can understand how you align with their values, how you're working through challenges, and what your goals are.

Your team members are your ambassadors. In this workshop, your team will learn the story-crafting skills that combine factual data with compelling value alignment. They'll discover how to develop your company's story and how to share it to attract and galvanize your customers and clients with consistency, inspiration, and trust.

Work with Holly

Strategy & Planning

Get the objective third-party perspective you need to bring disparate goals together. Our customized sessions strengthen communication between your team leaders and work toward solutions that otherwise seem distant. Our sessions are dynamic, discreet, and impactful.

Our Online Curriculum

After the live workshop or retreat, support your team with our signature Online, On-Demand LMS Team Unity Courses for ongoing professional development.

Curriculum for Leaders & Executives

Our online 8-Module Course ‚ÄúThe Values Beacon: How to Create Team Unity & A Thriving Company Culture‚ÄĚ builds on our signature SILHOUET training

  • Target audience: C-suite, HR directors, managers, decision-makers
  • Micro-learning content in digestible video modules
  • Virtual Companion Guidebook
  • Optional 1:1 consulting/coaching
  • reinforces and expands clarity of values and purpose post-workshop or retreat
  • Certificate of Completion and Professional Development
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Curriculum for Team Members

Strengthen your team‚Äôs training with our signature online 8-Module Course ‚ÄúBuilding Team Unity: Being Part of the Team Solution Through Core Values‚ÄĚ

  • Target audience: team members
  • Online, On-Demand LMS Team Unity Course
  • Virtual Companion Guidebook
  • micro-learning content in LMS
  • Optional Group Coaching
  • reinforces clarity of values and purpose post-workshop or retreat
  • Gives team members specific, actionable steps to strengthen their positive impact in company culture
  • Certificate of Completion and Professional Development¬†
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Your Organizational Strategist for Values & Purpose

Holly Bellebuono, MPA

A natural and organic business educator, strategy consultant, purpose-driven entrepreneur, 8x author, and inspirational thought leader, Holly began her career as an herbalist. Over 30 years, Holly grew into one of the world's leading herbalists, lecturing in England, Costa Rica, Canada, and across the US from Boston to Hawaii at conferences, retreats, associations, and universities, teaching women's empowerment and natural health.

While building innovative brands and creative businesses, Holly stepped in to lead two nonprofits before and during Covid and support the growth of high-impact strategy work at the nonprofit level.

Holly expanded her purpose from natural health and nonprofit work to making a strong impact through strategic thinking and decision-making with core values and helping businesses identify and implement a measurable mission. Her businesses include The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine and Selle Impact Consulting, where she facilitates and trains business leaders in embracing the bold ideas and CSR that will make a positive long-term impact with a focus on environmental sustainability and women's equity.

Holly has won two small business awards and a nonprofit executive award, and has authored 8 nonfiction books published in 3 languages. She has served as an executive leader for environmental, educational, and human service nonprofit orgs and is a global public speaker.

Holly holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Environmental Policy from Appalachian State University, and executive certificates in Nonprofit Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Impact Management of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) from Cornell, Duke University, and London Business School.

She is known for celebrating the human experience and as an inspiring and practical instructor for business leaders seeking a worthy purpose.

"I have been a student of Holly's for a long time. She has a way to go into your soul and pull out what you want and where you want to go!"

- Tynne Love

"Holly’s support and knowledge has been an invaluable tool for me in growing my herbal product business. Her courses were accessible, well-organized and full of plant and business information. "

- Anne Marshall

"My business has continued to transform and flourish naturally and with ease because of the learning with and support of Holly"

- Tarah Gibbon

"Holly‚Äôs gift for facilitating purposeful conversation between¬†participants leads to enduring and¬†meaningful relationships unlike any other¬†‚Äėworkshop‚Äô or¬†‚Äėconference‚Äô I‚Äôve ever attended. She authentically speaks and teaches from the heart, yet with razor sharp, no-nonsense mental clarity‚ÄĒit is impossible not to be¬†transformed after you‚Äôve studied with her."¬†

- Keya Guimaraes

"Working with Holly has been a transformative experience because she brings a rare mixture of knowledge, experience, and heartfelt care. She's a lighthouse for lightworkers."

- Elizabeth Germain

"A complete battery recharge! Stimulating environment, interesting curriculum/focus, wonderful people. Very energizing. My sincere thanks to Holly for the invitation and experience."

- Retreat Participant

A 30-year passionate devotee of purpose and ethics, with decades of experience working with brands and nonprofits, Holly brings the following skills & credentials to your training:


Master's Degree in Public Administration, concentration in Environmental Policy


Executive Certificate, Corporate Social Responsibility, London Business School


Executive Certificate, Impact Measurement & Management for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Duke University

Nonprofit Finance

Executive Certificate, Cornell

A Note From Holly

Long before founding Selle LLC, I became an herbalist while earning a Master’s Degree in Public Administration concentrating in Environmental Policy. Ever the entrepreneur, I launched a number of herbal businesses, including a retail apothecary and an herbal medicine school. Publishers found me and asked me to write books, and I’ve since published 7 books in 3 languages, along with a book of personal transformation philosophy.

Concurrent with entrepreneurship, I jumped into nonprofits and became an executive, leading human service, education, and environmental organizations where I took on strategy, purpose, programming, and finance.

It’s now been 30 years that I’ve supported nonprofits and natural and organic businesses … guiding companies with workshops and retreats, curriculum and lectures, celebrating change, providing leadership support, and helping to make a truly positive, Earth-happy and women-empowered impact. What encourages me the most is seeing leaders embrace ethical business for the sake of the environment and the communities around us.

For me, it all comes together with mission, vision, values, and purpose. Helping companies foster ideals through strategy is the best way I can make the world a better place.

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