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The Selle Entrepreneur Network is the education resource for business leaders who value creativity and who strive toward a worthy purpose.

Selle Natural Course

Get serious about your natural or organic products business! Learn the legal landscape, best practices, labeling requirements, FDA rules, and essential tips to avoid mistakes. Ideal for cosmetic makers, boutiques, herbalists, skincare retailers, and more.

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Selle Confident Course

Move past doubts or confusion that's holding you back from starting any type of business. Selle Confident walks you through envisioning your company, pricing strategies, building your best team, legal set-up, and more to get you going for the next 90 days or 1 year.

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Selle Organic Course

Learn the wide array of certifications available to your company that demonstrate your commitment to environmental and/or social values, transparency, and accountability. Includes B-corp, organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Women-Owned, and more.

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Selle Your Book

Learn exactly how to craft a successful book proposal so you can professionally pitch your book to an agent or editor. Valuable for self-pubbing, Indie press, traditional publishing, and any genre.

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Roadmap Your Business Path Before Selling a Thing

Not sure which platforms or strategies are best for you? Or are you pivoting from one business or income stream to a new one? This masterclass will bring you the clarity you need to make lucrative and time-saving decisions.

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Build Your Best Team

Building your team is what allows you to scale and grow your business with less stress! Support is vital to sustain your business success. Check out this free training from Holly Bellebuono, Founder of The Selle Entrepreneur Network.

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1:1 Business Coaching

Get the support you need with virtual coaching with Holly Bellebuono

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