About Holly.


I'm Holly Bellebuono

A catalyst in women's empowerment and visionary thinking, Holly has lectured in England, Costa Rica, Canada, and across the US from Boston to Hawaii at conferences, retreats, and universities delivering strategies and inspiration.

If your audience seeks motivation or the mechanics to succeed, Holly’s keynotes and workshops provide memorable meaning and focus.  

An entrepreneur, herbalist, author, and international speaker, Holly Bellebuono has spent 28  years building innovative brands and creative businesses. President of Bellebuono International and founder of Selle LLC and The Selle Entrepreneur Network,

Holly is a multiple award-winning small business entrepreneur. She has authored 7 books, lectured internationally, lead vibrant retreats and workshops, developed product and service lines, and taught mindset and business financial basics that move a business to the next level. 

Holly Bellebuono in the forrest

Holly’s engaging lectures include The Power of Women, Why You Need a Plan, and her stories of her personal business journey inspire courage and perseverance.  

Her documentary book Women Healers of the World: The Traditions,  History & Geography of Herbal Medicine, was named The Thomas DeBaggio Book of the Year 2015 by The International Herb Association.  

Holly is also a nonprofit leader; she holds a  Master’s in Public Administration from Appalachian State University and has served as Executive, Program, and Fiscal Director for human service, education, and environmental nonprofit organizations. Awards include two Small Business Owner of the Year and a Nonprofit of the Year Award. 

The photo above is of Holly while leading a retreat in Nova Scotia. A benefit of the Selle Entrepreneur Network is the opportunity to travel with fellow women entrepreneurs.


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