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Roadmap Your Business Path Before Selling a Thing Masterclass

Get the clarity you need to choose the right strategies and income streams, all without risking time or resources. 


about the masterclass.

Starting out in business?

Not sure which platforms or strategies are best for you? Or are you pivoting from one business or income stream to a new one? This masterclass will bring you the clarity you need to make lucrative and time-saving decisions.

There are many ways creative entrepreneurs can build their business – coaching, teaching, hosting events, public speaking, podcasts, affiliate marketing, and of course selling your own products and services. There are many more, so… how do you choose? How do you know if a path is right for you and if it will actually generate an income?

In the Roadmap Your Business Path Before Selling a Thing masterclass, instructor Holly Bellebuono will guide you step by step through assessing which revenue options are in your “wheelhouse” and putting specific dollar values to each of them… helping you get a birds-eye view of your business future even before you sell a thing. If you’re new to business or switching your focus, this class will bring you clarity without risking money, inventory, reputation, and especially—time.

what you'll learn.

You’ll leave with:

  • two essential templates for assessing your own business path(s)
  • a realistic framework for anticipating probable revenue outcomes based on your decisions

And you’ll learn:

  • how to recognize which paths are right for you and how they compare economically
  • how to shift your roadmap from year to year so that your time and effort is best spent on what you most enjoy and what brings you the most income
Holly Bellebuono

about holly.

Holly Bellebuono has launched, directed and sold businesses for 30 years – all in the creative entrepreneur environment.

Three major publishing houses have published 5 of her award- winning books and she has self-published an additional two, plus more than 50 articles published in journals and magazines worldwide.

She’s been the keynote speaker at dozens of international conferences, associations and events, has earned two business awards and a nonprofit executive award, and has taught tens of thousands of students about herbal medicine, business strategy, and women’s empowerment.

Her brand is built on the foundation of woman-to-woman support including her membership The Selle Entrepreneur Network.

"I wish someone had walked me through this process when I was starting out, because I tried a variety of ways to make money and learned – too late – what will generate leads and followers and what will generate actual income."
- Holly Bellebuono

Roadmap Your Business Path Before Selling a Thing


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