Ready to get serious about learning the legal landscape of natural products?

This essential course for product makers, Selle Natural, walks you through the foundations of labeling, FDA compliance, good manufacturing practices, ethics, and much more so that your business avoids the most common mistakes.

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Welcome to the ESSENTIAL Course for Natural & Organic Product Makers:

Selle Natural

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Do you and your team need basic guidance on how to navigate the FDA, the USDA, GMPs, ethics, and more?

This 2.5 hour video course will teach you everything you need to know to "do Natural Products right." 

  • No more guessing about your labels
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Be prepared with proper record-keeping
  • Develop systems that you and your team can rely on

Too many natural product sellers make these mistakes--do they sound familiar?

"I can do it on my own."

"There's not that much I need to know."

"My business is too small to need to be compliant or follow the rules."

"I'll learn as I go."

"I'm creative--not practical or logistical."

Because of mindsets like these and patterns, so many natural and organic product makers fail to succeed. They break labeling laws, are confused about the FDA and the USDA, they misuse terms (and misinform and confuse their customers). They even piss off their local boards of health.

These mistakes lead them to ignore the necessary roles of their own team and cause confusion and resentment.

And many of us creative types immerse ourselves in the creative side and ignore the legal side--to the demise of our businesses!

There are consequences!!

  • Your business may be subjected to legal review by the FDA.
  • You'll likely confuse your customer and frustrate them--losing sales.
  • You'll mess up your team's morale and fail to delegate and train properly.
  • You'll WASTE time with trail and error (trust me, it's not worth it!)
  • You'll feel overwhelmed with the work needed for compliance and growth
  • You may feel bitter and alone when you realize it takes more than doing it solo
  • You may develop a great product but you suffer with inadequate or illegal systems.

There is a better way!

Instead of floundering and working by "guesswork," get familiar with the FDA guidelines, train your team exactly how to be compliant, establish the right relationships, and spend a little time learning to save a lot of time making mistakes.

The business coach for the natural & organic products industry Holly Bellebuono will walk you through all the steps you need to become knowledgable, confident, ready, and PROACTIVE. From her 30 years in the industry as a successful herbalist, entrepreneur and product maker, in the course Selle Natural, Holly will teach you how to train your team the right way and have a fully functional business with working systems.



Do Natural Products Right

Learn the essentials so you avoid the mistakes

Herbalist & entrepreneur Holly Bellebuono teaches:

  • how the FDA works and how you can comply
  • what roles you'll need as your business grows
  • how labeling laws work and how you can comply with structure/function claims
  • the basics of associations, credentials, insurance, and local boards of health
  • how ethics and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) are so critical for your success, no matter how small or large your business

Get "in the know!"

The Selle Natural course is your ultimate reference and foundation for everything your natural products business needs to know.


What's Included In

The Selle Natural Course

  • What is the Natural Products Industry?

    It's a complex beast that generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. Be sure you understand how your business fits into the big picture:

    • learn common (and sometimes misleading) terms and definitions
    • explore careers and roles that you may need to hire for as your business grows
  • Understanding the FDA:¬†learn the foundations of how the FDA works and what it regulates and why; learn where to look for more information
  • Labeling Laws & the Structure Function Claim: This is often the most confusing aspect for retailers. Learn the correct way to label your products & your website based on the DSHEA and FDA regulations. Together we will explore and assess a model that does it right
  • The benefits of Associations: Explore why professional associations may be a good option for your business
  • How Herbal Credentials Work in the United States: learn about licensing and certification, how it compares to the United Kingdom, and how you can promote yourself as an herbalist
  • Best Practices for Working¬†with Your Local Board of Health: Learn how the BOH regulates your cottage industry and how to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Cottage Food Laws--they may apply to you and you might not even know it. Learn what these are at the state level and how your business may need to comply with regulations for specific products
  • The Right Insurance Policy Types for Your Business: Learn about the need for Product Liability Insurance and Professional Insurance; what's the difference and how they protect your business
  • Ethics & Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs): Learn about the gold standards of record-keeping, making written policies, training your team, interns and/or apprentices in following GMP rules, no matter the size of your business
  • How to Include Safety & Hygiene Measures in Job Descriptions:¬†If you have people working with you in a studio, factory, production room, or other center of development (whether they're interns, apprentices, or employees) you'll need to know and follow these rules. Learn the basics of proper team training to ensure safety within your production process
  • Should You Sell Retail or Wholesale? Explore the differences between these two sales methods and determine which might be right for you

With nearly 3 hours of video instruction and a 26-page Student Workbook, you’ll finish this course with a clear understanding of how your business fits into the Natural Products legal landscape, how you can comply, how you can support your employees and interns, how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, and best practices for moving forward.

This Course Is For You If...

  • You make and sell skincare products, cosmetics, or personal care products
  • You run an herbal apothecary
  • You are an aromatherapist, boutique owner, or¬†natural retailer
  • You are a massage therapist who sells oils, skincare, or cosmetics
  • Your products require labels
  • You sell "cottage products" from your home kitchen
  • You¬†have interns, apprentices or students who help you make and sell products
  • You grow ingredients in a garden or farm to sell wholesale or retail
  • You purchase ingredients from other vendors to go into your products

Holly Bellebuono

I'm an herbalist, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and business coach who has spent 30 years navigating the Natural Products industry.

I've learned the ups-and-downs through trial and error and have coached hundreds of new business owners and startups in proper business management especially for those running small companies making and selling natural products.

Whether you operate a cosmetics shop, a boutique, an apothecary, or you sell raw ingredients wholesale, this course will walk you through the foundations of proper compliance, record-keeping, best practices for insuring your company and avoiding mistakes.

Take what I've learned in the past 3 decades, along with current and up-to-date information, to put your company on the best path forward.

"Holly is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and has such a passion and love for what she does, she inspired me to create my small herb business. Because of her, I grow herbs, make and sell my own herbal products."

- Dana Brown

" As a solopreneur, Holly has been instrumental in guiding me in clarifying
the critical decision-making required to make significant changes in the
services I offer, who I offer them to, and where. I wholeheartedly recommend Holly to any creative woman seeking a business coach. Holly helped me focus on essentials to ground my sacred mission and confidently create a more authentically aligned successful business."

- Elizabeth Germain

"Holly’s support and knowledge has been an invaluable tool for me in growing my herbal product business, LifeThyme Wellness. Her courses are accessible, well-organized and full of plant and business information."

- Anne Marshall, LifeThyme Wellness

"Holly’s guidance and instruction opened the pathway to owning my own herbal consultation practice and formulating a line of plant medicine products, giving me clear, strategic, and practical tools to manifest my entrepreneurial dreams."

- Keya Guimaraes, EcoTone Kauai
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Selle Natural Course

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Your business can't afford "trial and error"!

Did you know that dozens of herbal businesses receive warning letters from the FDA every year? The FDA issues thousands of warning letters to herbal companies, food and beverage, and cosmetic companies, with many of the warnings addressing misbranding, illegal labeling, misrepresentation, and adulteration.

  • The FDA has the ability to shut your business if you are not compliant.
  • Failing to properly address labeling and cottage laws can lead to employee turnover.
  • Customers will lose confidence in your business and products.
  • Public embarrassment is hard to overcome.
  • And of course, you don't want to waste months or years doing "trail and error" and hoping you get it right.

Selle Natural is an easy, online course that will walk you through the basics of compliance and so much more, helping you step up your efforts for good manufacturing practices, ethics, team training, delegation, labeling, and so much more.

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