Does your team support a bigger purpose for your company?

The Selle Organic Course walks you through what it means to invest in a certification or commitment such as organic, B-corp, or Fair Trade, and explores dozens of options that show your consumers exactly what your company values most.

Organic Certifications & More

If ethics and transparency are important to your business...

this course will teach you:

  • what do organic and natural really mean?
  • how does the USDA enforce these terms?
  • why consumers (especially Millennials and GenZ) REALLY want you to make commitments
  • the most common, most effective (and least effective) certifications your business can attain
  • what it means to become a B-corp
  • how to show your company prioritizes the health of forests, farms, climate, and oceans
  • how to show you value people with social commitments

Your 1-Stop Reference

The Selle Organic Course is the pivotal resource you need to introduce your team to the many options and discover what's most relevant for your company.


Selle Organic


Do you and your team need basic guidance on your options for transparent accountability?

This 3 hour video course will introduce you to the cornerstones of environmental and social commitments.

  • Get clear on what options are available to you
  • understand the pros (and the cons) of¬†certain¬†certifications
  • Learn how to share your priorities on your labels, in your message, and for your customer
  • Decide the one most important and relevant certification or commitment that is right for your business

What's Included In The Selle Organic Course


Why Certify?

The companies that go through a rigorous process to attain organic, B-Corp, Fair Trade, Animal Welfare, Vegan, Rainforest Alliance, or any of dozens of other certifications enjoy:

  • loyalty from their customers who appreciate transparency and accountability
  • engagement from their team members who value working for a company that is purpose-driven
  • a direction toward a mission that guides their work into the future

The Top Tiers of Accountability

Learn about Benefit corporations and B-Corps, and why this global certification is applicable to every size of business

  • learn how the B-Lab certifies companies
  • discover the pros and cons of attaining a B-corp certification
  • determine whether this type of commitment is right for your business
  • learn about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

All About Certified Organic

It's a nebulous term but it has true meaning. Learn:

  • what natural, organic, and other terms mean
  • how the USDA regulates certified organic farms and products
  • the commitments required of certified organic herbs, foods and beverages (including tea, coffee, and spices)
  • the commitments required of certified organic cosmetics (including skincare and personal care products)

Environmental Certifications

There are many ways to demonstrate your company's care for the environment. Make sure it's honest and actionable. In this module, you'll learn about certifications that support:

  • healthy forests (especially if your products use forest-harvested ingredients, or your packaging is made of trees)
  • healthy farms (especially if your ingredients are garden or farm-based)
  • healthy oceans (especially if your company prioritizes plastic awareness or works near the sea)
  • climate controls
  • waste reduction (and recycling)

Animal Welfare Certifications

In 30 years of working in the botanical industry, Instructor Holly Bellebuono was continually shocked at how prevalent animal testing was and still is. Here you'll learn:

  • current data on animal testing and experimentation
  • a variety of certifications that demonstrate whether your company is vegan, vegetarian, humane, and/or cruelty-free
  • how to assess your company's animal welfare priorities
  • how to assess your partners, vendors and suppliers for their animal welfare commitments

Social Impact & Commitments

You know that making your product cannot come by exploiting people, either on the farm, in the office, or anywhere in your production process. You want to demonstrate both to your customers and to your current (and future) employees that your business is socially conscious. Here, you will:

  • learn about the certifications that demonstrate your ethics for fair hiring, fair labor, and community-driven practices
  • learn how to assess the right certifications for your business
  • discover what it means to pursue equity and diversity from a commitment standpoint
  • learn about living wage certifications
  • learn about certs for companies run by women or minorities
  • review models and other businesses that are doing it right
  • learn creative and innovative ways to commit to social equity without, or in addition to, a certification¬†

This Course Is For You If...

  • You and your team are eager to participate wholly in the process of committing to environmental and/or social standards
  • You want to learn more about organic, B-corps, fair trade, and other certifications
  • You and your board would like to approach your staff with ideas about certifications and commitments
  • You serve customers who value transparency and accountability
  • You want to prioritize an ethical path forward for your company

Holly Bellebuono

I'm an herbalist, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and business coach who has spent 30 years navigating the Natural Products industry.

I've learned the ups-and-downs through trial and error and have coached hundreds of new business owners and startups in proper business management especially for those running small companies making and selling natural products.

No matter what kind of company you manage, or how big or small it is, this course will provide you with viable options and information for committing to environmental and/or social good.

Put your company and your team on the best path forward with Selle Organic's guidance, resources, and inspiration.

"Holly is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and has such a passion and love for what she does, she inspired me to create my small herb business. Because of her, I grow herbs, make and sell my own herbal products."

- Dana Brown

" As a solopreneur, Holly has been instrumental in guiding me in clarifying
the critical decision-making required to make significant changes in the
services I offer, who I offer them to, and where. I wholeheartedly recommend Holly to any creative woman seeking a business coach. Holly helped me focus on essentials to ground my sacred mission and confidently create a more authentically aligned successful business."

- Elizabeth Germain

"Holly’s support and knowledge has been an invaluable tool for me in growing my herbal product business, LifeThyme Wellness. Her courses are accessible, well-organized and full of plant and business information."

- Anne Marshall, LifeThyme Wellness

"Holly’s guidance and instruction opened the pathway to owning my own herbal consultation practice and formulating a line of plant medicine products, giving me clear, strategic, and practical tools to manifest my entrepreneurial dreams."

- Keya Guimaraes, EcoTone Kauai

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