Master the Art of Selling Your Manuscript

with Holly Bellebuono

Learn everything you need to craft a compelling sales pitch -- or book proposal -- to get your manuscript sold to a publishing house!

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Expert Guidance

Learn from published author Holly Bellebuono, leveraging her experience and insights from publishing 7 books, including 5 with major publishing houses in English, Polish, and Italian.

Practical Skills

Gain practical skills in crafting a compelling book proposal that gets attention, learning how to SELL that manuscript you've been working on for so long.

Comprehensive Training

Learn the details for every component of the book proposal as well as how to combine these into a solid single document that editors will rely on when pitching your book.

Imagine Your Manuscript Landing in the Hands of Top Publishers

Enroll in the course that will equip you with the skills to approach an editor or agent with confidence.

This course teaches you how to create ALL the components of a successful book proposal:

Features & Benefits

Discover how to assess your manuscript to identify and describe the key features your book offers and the benefits your readers will get...and how to include this in your proposal and your hook.

A Compelling Hook

See examples and complete activities that will help you craft the most compelling "hook" that will engage your readers, whether it's on a book jacket or within your publisher's book proposal.

You & Your Platform

Learn what a platform is, how to build it, how to describe it in your book proposal, and best practices for communicating your platform to a potential publisher.

Competitive Title Analysis

Learn the right way to research and present competing and complementary titles in a book proposal.


Explore a variety of results for your project and determine if yours is worth a printed book or if another format is better.

Author Bio

Learn to promote yourself as the author, what authenticity has to do with it, and how to be the best advocate for your project.

Proposal Promises

Learn how to prepare your proposal with accurate info about your media campaign, sales plans, and marketing strategies once the book comes out.

Real-Life Examples

You'll see inside actual book proposals and hear the feedback and insights that come from working with an agent and editors and multiple publishing houses.

What does this course include?

  • Real-life insights, advice, feedback and guidance from an award-winning international author at top publishing houses
  • 4 hours of video instruction plus 4 hours of homework to guide you step-by-step
  • easy exercises and brainstorming activities to create the narrative and wording that will set you apart
  • a printable Student Workbook to use with every project you create
  • samples from successful book proposals to model what the outcome could look like
  • professional guidance for marketing, building your platform, identifying your strengths, and more
  • support in writing the About the Author section, with tips on voice, tone, and content
  • opportunities for 1:1 coaching to help you build your proposal with confidence

About Your Instructor

Holly Bellebuono is a published and award-winning author, international speaker, herb school director, business course instructor, and director of The Selle Entrepreneur Network. She has published 7 books in 3 languages with her 8th due for release in spring 2025. Her publishers include international publishing houses Llewellyn Publishers, Roost Books/Shambhala Publishers, and SkyHorse Publishers. She has also self-published books and supports authors no matter how they publish.

Holly's work has also been featured in scores of magazines and journals, including Parabola, SageWoman, Juno, Taproot, and Mother Nature Network, and she has spoken for conferences and associations around the world for 30 years. Holly also coaches and consults for businesses and companies who wish to strengthen their mission and purpose.

Everything You Need To Craft A Successful Book Proposal

Enroll now to get this comprehensive online course and move your book to the next stage. This course includes almost 4 hours of video instruction with detailed homework lessons that bring the total time investment to approximately 8 hours. The course and student materials are yours to keep and review for every book you write.

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